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The Civil and Commercial Law School of SWUPL

十二月 26 2019

The Civil and Commercial Law School of SWUPL was established in July, 2003. It now has two sub-fields of law: Civil and Commercial Law, and Intellectual Property Law, granting the Ph.D. degrees and Master degrees in these two sub-fields. It also has four Teaching and Research sections: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Marriage and Family Inheritance Law. Up to July 2019, the school has 123 faculty members, and about 3,000 doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

The school has made remarkable achievements in teaching. It has two national excellent courses “Commercial Law” and “Civil Law”, one national bilingual teaching demonstration course "Foreign Civil and Commercial Law", the second season of English-language teaching brand course for international students in China "International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights", and three Chongqing municipal excellent courses and excellent resource sharing courses. It has a national-level education and training base for applied and compound excellent legal talents and the first national-level teaching base in our school, "Compound Intellectual Property Application Talent Training Model Experimental Zone ".

The Civil and Commercial Law School  possesses strong scientific research strength. It has one Chongqing Key Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base - Market Transaction Legal System Research Base, one Chongqing Municipal Research Center - Cloud Computing Intellectual Property Research Center, and one Chongqing 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center - Intellectual Property Protection Collaboration Innovation Center. At the same time, the school is the governing unit of "Civil Code Research Group" of China Law Society, the rotating unit of "Financial Rule of Law Research Group" and the member unit of "Innovation-driven Guarantee for Rule of Law Research Group ". The school has also held the International Forum on Corporate and Financial Legal System, the International Forum on Private Law and Social Governance, the Civil Law Growth Forum, the Western Bankruptcy Law Forum, and a series of academic platforms for Intellectual Property, and the Southwest Academic Series, which has formed a strong social influence in China.

The construction of school faculty has achieved remarkable results. By the end of August 2019, the school had 100 full-time teachers, including 23 professors, 42 associate professors, 94 teachers who had obtained doctoral degrees, and 14 who had returned from overseas study.

In June 2010, the school of Intellectual Property was established to implement "Two Brands and One Group" with the school of Civil and Commercial Law, and set up a separate undergraduate program of intellectual property. In 2012, it began to recruit undergraduate students from all over the country.

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