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Professor Patrick Parkinson, Dean of Law School, University of Queensland, Australia, Conducted Academic Exchanges in Our School of Civil and Commercial Law

十二月 29 2019


At 9:40 am on March 25th, 2019, professor Patrick Parkinson, dean of Law School of the University of Queensland, Australia, came to our School of Civil and Commercial Law for academic exchange. Some teachers of marriage law teaching and research section in Civil and Commercial Law School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and some

doctoral and master students of marriage law direction in Civil and Commercial Law participated in this academic exchange activity. Professor Chen Wei, doctoral supervisor of the school of Civil And Commercial Law of our university and director of the research center of foreign family law and women's theory served as the host. He mainly introduced the problems existing in the judicial practice of family law in Australia, as well as the measures taken to deal with these problems. Then in the process of the question and answer session. Professor Patrick patiently answered the questions from students and teachers one by one.     


In the end, Professor Chen Wei made a summary speech. Firstly, she introduced briefly the situation of family trial reform in China, and she thought that this academic exchange activity promoted our understanding of the reform of family trial in Australia. She believed that the experience which gained from the ongoing reform of family trial in China and Australia has certain reference significance for the reform of family trial in the two countries. Finally, the academic exchange activity ended with warm applause from teachers and students.

Authors: Chen wei, Guo Qingmin

Photography: Liu Yujiao

March 25th, 2019

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