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Zhaoqing People’s Procuratorate Co-build a Teaching and Research Practice Bas

十二月 29 2019

On the morning of May 15th, 2019, The ceremony for co-building a teaching and research practice base between Zhaoqing People’s Procuratorate and our school was held in the conference room of the school of civil and commercial law. Su bin, the member of the party group of the Zhaoqing People’s Procuratorate and director of the political office, Liu Guiyun, deputy director of the political office, Pei Yanli, deputy secretary of The Civil And Commercial Law College, Cheng Gangqiang and Li Zhaoyu, deputy President attended the meeting. And the meeting was presided over by Cheng Gangqiang, deputy secretary .

At the meeting, vice President Li Zhaoyu thanked Zhaoqing People’s Procuratorate for its strong support and introduced the basic situation of school,teachers group , teaching level, scientific research, student internship, personnel training and  other aspects of the situation,. In addition, he hoped that the establishment of teaching practice base could promote deeper integration of learning and practice so that practices could play a more significant role in improving teaching.  the basic situation of Zhaoqing Procuratorate, Su Bin, the director of the procuratorate introduced the cooperation vision and relevant guarantee mechanism of the procuratorate. And he hoped that our college could deepen the cooperation with Zhaoqing Procuratorate which could trengthen the intellectual support to the Procuratorate and promote the combination of theory and the procuratorial practice of law. At the same time, it could provide the judicial practice for the intern, bring the prosecutors thought collision,  and attract more outstanding students to join the construction of a large bay area.

Subsequently, the two sides signed the agreement on the cooperation of teaching and research practice base. What’s. more, Both sides agreed that in the future, they will continue to strengthen the interaction of procuratorial theory research, establish a normal teaching practice mechanism to jointly discuss the new theoretical problems in procuratorial practice so that they can achieve common research results to serve the teaching and procuratorial work practice.

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