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Zizhong Court Co-build a Teaching and Research Practice Base with Our School

十二月 29 2019

On the afternoon of May 20th, 2019, the signing and awarding ceremony between the People's Court of Zizhong county and the co-built teaching and research practice base of our university was held in the conference room 3019 of the school of civil and commercial law. Fan Xuguang, Party secretary and the president of the court, Cai Qing,bureau chief, Li Xiaoping, party member of the court and Vice president of the court , Liu Hong, the party member of the court and director of the political section, Zhu Binfang, director of the office of the court, Cheng Gangqiang, vice secretary of the civil and commercial law institute, Zhangli,vice dean of the civil and Commercial Law school and Zhao Yaoyu attended the meeting. And the meeting was presided over by vice President zhang.

In the meeting, Zhang Li, vice dean showed a warm welcome to President Fan’s coming , and introduced the basic situation of school,teachers group , teaching level, scientific research, student internship, personnel training and so on. What’s more, Zhang Li emphasized that debate culture and practice education have been two big characteristics in talent cultivation of our school. In addition, he hoped that the establishment of teaching practice base could promote deeper integration of learning and practice so that practices could play a more significant role in improving teaching.

President Fan introduced the basic situation of Zizhong Court and the two purposes of his visit. Firstly, he was eager to make a win-win situation through the establishment of the practice teaching base.And he hoped that the teachers could take a temporary post in Zizhong Court,which could combine the theory with practice more closely. At the same time, special academic lectures were held regularly by the school to improve the legal theory level of case workers in basic-level courts.  Secondly, he said that Zizhong Court wanted to conduct more talent recruitment and student internship. In recent years, with the improvement of strength in itself, Zizhong Court hoped more law students to come here to take an internship, who could bring new ways of thinking, improve the professional business abilities of the court and promote the legal theory combined with the trial actual situation. Besides, he hoped that Zizhong Court could have more ways of cooperation, including academic discussions, teaching and scientific research, subject research and so on.

Subsequently, the two sides signed the agreement on the cooperation of the teaching and research practice base cooperation. Both sides agreed that they would implement the details of the agreement as soon as possible, continuously strengthen theoretical research interaction between grassroots courts, establish a normal teaching practice mechanism, jointly discuss new theoretical issues emerging in the process of practice, and form common research results to serve teaching and work practice.

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