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Our School Team Won the Second Prize in the First National College Trademark Debate Contest

十二月 29 2019

On July 7, The First National College Trademark Debate Final was held in Yinchuan. In the final, our school team and the team from Renmin University of China debated whether ' attached trademark' for pure export license processing could be defined as trademark use. In the end, the representative team of Renmin University of China won the championship of the first national university trademark debate contest, and our school was the runner-up. Our third debate Luo Jing won "the best debater" with excellent performance. Our coach, Mou Ping, the associate professor,  was named "best instructor", and our fourth debate student, Duan Tiiliang was named "the best debater" in the semifinals. Professor Li Yufeng, dean of Civil and Commercial Law School (school of intellectual property) of Southwest University of Political Science and Law was present to watch the debate and give some guidances.

In the opening part of the discussion, we pointed out that whether " attached trademark" for pure export license processing could be defined as trademark use was based on the behavior definition. What’s more, our school team emphasized that the problem should be considered in the era background of global economic development and increasingly detailed social division of labor. In the debate, we keenly point out what the opposition had ignored was that and the use of trademarks should meet the objective requirements of identifying the source of goods, not just subjective ideas. In the debate, we pointed out through a series of questions that the identification subject is the relevant domestic public, and that the pure export licensing processing is fundamentally different from the ordinary licensing processing. During the free debate, the two sides argued about the regionalism of trademark right and the unity of legal interpretation. Our team members cooperated with each other in a tacit way, emphasized the importance of regionalism, and clearly determined that the use of trademark did not constitute the use of trademark and would not destroy the unity of legal interpretation. At the end of the debate, we responded to the other side 's urgent desire to protect the trademark owner in China. Additionally, we put forward that the protection should be moderate and the strong protection should also be protected according to law. We encourage companies to adopt overseas distribution of trademarks, rather than replacing their overseas distribution.

The debate was organized by China Trademark Association and was participated in by 16 teams from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and other universities. Furthermore ,our school team was composed of 4 undergraduates and 4 postgraduates and it was coached by Mou Ping, associate professor of the school of civil and commercial law (school of intellectual property rights), and led by Huang Guocai, a doctoral student of the class of 2018 in intellectual property law. In the preliminary, quarter-final and semi-final competitions, the team members demonstrated high academic quality and debate skills, and won the praise of the judges and the unanimous recognition of the audience with their solid argument and outstanding argument, and finally reached the final with a complete victory.

Achievements do not come easily. After the contest, Mou Ping, the debate team coach said with emotion, "the competition shows the cohesion of the team and the flexibility and persistence of the students, which is more precious than winning the prize." The team leader, Dr. Wong kwok-sai, said: debate could change people's lives and give them new ways of thinking. Thank you for teachers who gave the debaters much support and the rigorous,careful and practical debaters who was preparing for the debate day and night. So this glory belongs to everyone and I believe that students will make greater achievements in the future!"

Background information:

The members of the debate team are listed below

Teaching practice: Mou Ping, associate professor of civil and commercial law college (intellectual property college)

Leader: Huang Guosai, doctoral candidate of class 2018, intellectual property law major, civil and commercial law college

Team members:

You Jia (undergraduate of civil and commercial law college in 2017)

Fu Jie (undergraduate of civil and commercial law college in 2017)

Luo Jing (graduate of civil and commercial law college in 2017)

Duan Tiliang (undergraduate of economic law college in 2016)

Ding Wen (graduate of civil and commercial law college in 2017)

Chen Linjing (graduate of civil and commercial law college in 2017

Luo yunhong (undergraduate of artificial intelligence law college in 2017)

Author: He Ying, Huang Guosai

Filing:yuicpd05001036 Copyright:School of civil and commercial law, Southwest University of political science and law