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Guangdong Alumni Association visited the school

十二月 30 2019

On the afternoon of November 21, 2018, chairman Wang Bo, chairman Huang Qiulian, executive director of Guangdong Alumni Association delegation and a group of eight people visited the school  for an exchange visit. Zhang Weili, Secretary of the Party committee of the school, Zhao wanwan, President of the school and other leaders attended the meeting. The two sides had an in-depth conversation on the work and employment of the Alumni Association of the school of civil business law. Cheng Gang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school, held the meeting Strong chair.

President Zhao wanwan first introduced the relevant situation of the college, saying that while drawing on the past successful experience in the future work, we should focus on improving the two aspects of high-level talents and the lack of high-level awards. It also introduces two tasks to be done in the near future: one is to officially establish the Alumni Association of the school on December 8; the other is to start the compilation of the history of the school. He sincerely hopes to get the strong support and guidance of the Guangdong Alumni Association.

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