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Su Du, Distinguished Alumnus, as a Lawyer Take Part in Legal and Business Practice Forum Sponsored by Southwest University of Political Science and Law

十二月 29 2019

On the morning of May 19th, 2019, The Legal and Business Practice Forum  sponsored by the school of civil and commercial law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and undertaken by the graduate union of the school of civil and commercial law of was held in room 3012, the first floor of yucai building. This Forum was launched around the theme of "how to become an excellent transaction lawyer". Su Du,the speaker of this Forum was an outstanding 97 class alumnus of Swupl,  a assistant President of private enterprise group and chief investment legal officer , and Li Zhaoyu, an associate professor of school of civil and commercial law of Swupl is the host of this forum.

Su Du described how to be a qualified trade lawyer and what skills a trade lawyer should possess. The factors to success , he said, were planning, action, confidence and luck. Firstly, the trade lawyer should develop a detailed and workable plan. Then, we should prepare for work actively and meticulously; Thirdly, confidence, optimistic attitude were also important factors of success; And the other factor was luck, but different from , we should learn to "create" luck rather than waiting for the favor of luck passively , dare to talk with others, express ourselves and face challenges. A good deal lawyer also should speak good English,have the skills of time management and communication  Su Du, a famous lawyer,  stressed the importance of communication skills as a lawyer, which reflects one's emotional intelligence and persuasion ability. Therefore, he reminded students to pay attention to the cultivation of emotional intelligence and communication skills while learning professional knowledge. Su Du also briefly introduced the basic ability requirements of the transaction lawyer. Firstly, the lawyer can accurately find the key facts, make professional legal analysis, draft good legal texts ; Secondly, in terms of negotiation skills, the lawyer should make comprehensive and meticulous preparations before negotiating with counterparties to make the best use of what one is good at. Thirdly, as a good deal lawyer, he should also pay attention to business theory. Fourthly, the lawyer should have the ability to deal with multitasks and learn to prioritize.

At the end of the lecture, Li Zhaoyu, an associate professor,also shared his own feelings: vision and effort are both very important, but if your direction is not right, the harder you work, the farther away you may be from the goal. The significance of this lecture is to provide more communication opportunities for students. Finally, the students enthusiastically expressed their views ask Su Du a lot of problems about study, career, life direction, attitude. This Forum ended in warm anatmosphere.

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